Adding and verifying website to popular search engines

When you search your website on search engine like Google or Bing and they do not index your site then you must add your site URL directly to popular search engines so they start indexing your website. You don't have to add your site to every search engine only Google and Bing will be enough and rest of the search engine will use their results.
Verification of website is also very important because this way you can have access to how search engines should index your site, which pages to add or remove from indexing, you can add sitemap and submit them to search engines.

Adding website to Google

To add website in google go to the Google site submission url
When you open this url you will find the following window
google website submission

Add your site url in the url box then add the captcha characters and finally click submit request button and your site will be submitted to Google search engine.

Verifying website with Google

To verify your site with Google visit Google webmaster tools URL which will open the following window
verify website with google
Click on add a site button which will open new window
verify website with google
Add website url and click on continue which will add the site to your account. To ensure that your own this website google will ask you to verify your ownership with few steps

Click on the link verify this site and you will be redirected to new page

Here you will see recommended method which is to copy meta tag shown in box and paste in your web page inside head tag, an example is also provided, after adding the meta tag upload to your live server and then click verify button to confirm your verification. There are also some alternative methods given in case you don't want to temper your source code. To view them click on alternative methods tab which will show you the following options.

The first option is to upload an HTML file to your root directory. Go to the link given against download which will download the HTML file copy follow the further instructions and the finally click on verify button.
The second option is domain name provider. If you select this option you have to sign in your domain and follow further instructions.
Third option is to use Google Analytics account if you already using Google Analytics in your webpages you can use this option.
The fourth option is verifying your ownership is to use Google Tag Manager account for which you need to already have or create an account with Google Tag Manager. You can create account here.

Using any method above will not effect your site performance so you choose any method according to your convenience and verify you account. Once Google verified your ownership you will have access to the site statistics and can analyze and monitor them with Google webmaster tools.

Adding website to Bing

To add website in bing go to Bing site submission URL
when you open this URL you will find the following window
Bing website submission
Add your website url in url box type the captcha characters and click on submit button which will submit your site to bing.

Verifying website with Bing

To verify website with bing got to Site submission URL. Sign in with your Microsoft email id if you have account else create a new account, this will take you to the following window

Add site URL and click on ADD button which will take you to new window

here you can add sitemap URL or leave it empty too add later. You can choose a time when you get most of traffic or leave it to default for All day and click on ADD button.

Verifying ownership with Bing

After adding the URL this will take you to ownership verifying window where you will have three options to verify.
First option is to upload an xml file to your root directory of live server and then click on verify button.

Second option is to add meta tag in your HTML source code in head tag then upload to live server and click verify

In third option you will add CNAME record to DNS. When you will select your domain name provider form select box you will get help how to add CNAME record.

Once you selected any option and verified that you will have access to the statistics of website and can manage and monitor them with bing webmaster tools.

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